Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Only Thing Worse Than Witches By Lauren Magaziner

The Only Thing Worse Than WitchesHey everyone who is reading this post!!!! I have a new favorite book and I need to share it with you! I have been OBSESSED with it lately!! It is so good that I could read it over and over again without stopping ONCE!!!!! It is....... The Only Thing Worse Than Witches By Lauren Magaziner!
This book is about a boy named Rupert who lives in one of the very few towns where witches exist. He has always wanted to meet a REAL LIVE witch and so when he sees an ad in the newspaper for a witch's apprentice, he has to get the job. The witch he ends up apprenticing for wasn't exactly what he had in mind. She is a very... Interesting witch and she needs a LOT of help studying for her Bar Exams (Which is the big test that they take so that they can become REAL witches.) She always messes up on her spells and can never really do anything right!!! She is going to need A LOT of help to pass her exam!!
In case you are interested in reading this book and you want to know what the only thing worse than witches is, I'll give you a hint - it's not what you'd expect. It's something soft and cuddly and .. well, to find out you'll have to look into reading this book! You are sure to love it!!!!

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