Friday, October 30, 2015

The Tapper Twins Series by Geoff Rodkey

Image result for tapper twinsHello readers! I finished reading this book called The Tapper Twins Tear Up New York, which is the second book in The Tapper Twins series by Geoff Rodkey. It was awesome and I thought it was better than the first one especially the part where....... Oh that's right. I forgot that you probably haven't read it and that I haven't even told you about the FIRST book.

The Series is about these twins in 6th grade named Claudia and Reese who live in New York. They are about as different as you could imagine. The first and second books are told from Claudia's perspective as she hunts down information about the REAL story of what happened, not just what everyone thinks happened.
Image result for tapper twins
The first book is called The Tapper Twins Go to War (With each other) and it is about a series of pranks that the twins play on each other and how Claudia thinks (Despite what anyone may say) that it was actually her brother REESE who started it all. The first one is really funny and I liked it a lot, but I still think I enjoyed the second book more.

The second book is basically a scavenger hunt that the characters go on for the Manhattan food bank. The team that wins gets 4 (one for each team member) front row seats in Madison square garden to any event of their choosing! Things end up getting a little crazy, but in the end, pretty much everything turns out okay!

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