Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fourteenth Goldfish By Jennifer L. Holm

19156898Hello everyone! I have a really quick book recommendation for you that I just can't get off my mind! Yesterday I finished reading my grade's assigned summer reading book. It was awesome and I really liked it and I didn't want it to end!! Our assigned book was.... The Fourteenth Goldfish By Jennifer L. Holm. It was really good and I wish that there was more in the story! When I finished the book I couldn't imagine how anyone in the world could live without ever reading this book! It is probably in my top 10 favorite books!! And believe me I have a LOT of favorite books! I think I am going to look into reading more of Jennifer L. Holm's amazing books because I loved The Fourteenth Goldfish so much!! I think that everyone should read it! Because believe me! If they don't, they will be missing out on a whole chunk of the world! Read more books!
Greek Girl (:

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