Sunday, February 28, 2016

Half Upon a Time Series by James Riley

Image result for half upon a timeImage result for half upon a timeHelloooooo everyone! So, lately I have been into this series by James Riley, Called Half Upon a Time. It is a bit of a spin on fairy tales, and I think that it is really, really good! I just finished reading the 3rd one the other day, and I was completely amazed at how many twists were in it!

Image result for half upon a timeIf you like fantasy or fairy tales, you will love these books! Oh yeah. In case you were wondering, the 1st book is called Half Upon a Time, the 2nd is called Twice Upon a time, and the 3rd is called Once Upon the End. If I had to choose one as my favorite, I would most DEFINITELY be the 3rd!!!! I loved it so much! When I was reading it, I completely forgot where I was, and when I lifted my eyes from the page, I was really confused. I was thinking something like Why am I in the library-- I felt like I was in the Wicked Queen's castle!

You should-- I mean you HAVE TO!--read these books!

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