Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Tales of a Frog Princess (1) The Frog Princess By E.D. Baker

Baker_-_Frog_Princess.jpg (307×475)Oh! Hi everyone! Waz up with you? So, I just finished reading this amazingly awesome book called: The Tales of a Frog Princess (1) The Frog Princess By E.D. Baker. It was really good and I couldn't put it down! Believe me, I tried many times to go to sleep while in the middle of this book, but I couldn't. It was just to hard of a thing to do since the book was so amazingly awesome!

It is about this very klutzy and un-princess like princess named Emerelda. (Emma as she likes to be known) When Emma's mother wants her to be with this weirdo prince named Jorge (Who doesn't even like Emma) she goes to this swamp near the castle that makes her feel safer.

At the swamp she meets this frog that can speak, who claims that he is a prince named Eadric and the only way to turn him back into a human is for a princess (such as Emma) to give him a kiss, which she obviously doesn't really want to do!

The next day she ends up going back to the swamp and she gives the frog guy (Eadric) what he had asked for the day earlier. When she does she is immediately transformed into........ you guessed it! A frog!

They have to then find a way to turn themselves both back into humans, and Emma realizes things about the world she never thought were true before!

I have just checked out the second and third book in this series from my school library and I can't wait to go and read them!

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