Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shop Small Saturday!

Shop Small Saturday!

Hi everyone! Over the weekend I did this thing called "Shop Small Saturday" which basically means you try to go to all the independent stores that you can in ONE day! My family decided to go to all of the independent BOOKSTORES that we could. By the end of the day, we had gotten to 9 bookstores, and we had bought books at 8 of them!

Image result for the fairy tale matchmakerDuring our "independent bookstore adventure" I found this book called The Fairy Tale Matchmaker by E.D. Baker, the same author who wrote The Tales of a Frog Princess books. I started reading it yesterday, and so far so good!

I haven't read much of it, but it starts of with this young tooth fairy named Cory, who hates I mean STRONGLY DISLIKES her job. She wants to have a job that means something, something that would actually make a difference. Unlike collecting kids for their lost teeth, and then rewarding them afterwards. So she finally gets up the courage to QUIT being a tooth fairy!

Shop Small Saturday is a really fun thing to do! it happens every year on the Saturday after thanksgiving. I think. You might not wanna trust me on that one. I encourage you to do it next year! And you don't just have to go to independent bookstores, you could also just go to a local coffee shop, or toy store! Anything that like counts!

Have a nice day!

GREEK GIRL!!!!!!!!!

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