Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Won a Contest!!!! (Well, Technically My Dad Did)

Hi everyone! Guess what?! I won a contest! (Well technically my dad did!) My dad entered this contest on the Unleashing Readers website to win all six of the Emily Windsnap books By Liz Kessler! (Yes there are six now! A new one came out only a little while ago!) And he did! He won all of them!

I had already read the first 2 of them before he entered the contest but I don't have my own copies of the books! Now I have a copy of all 6 of them! 

I have already started to read the third Emily Windsnap book! It is called Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist! I haven't gotten too far into it but I already have a feeling that I know what it is going to be about! But don't worry, folks! I would never dream of spoiling the book for you! (Well, that's a lie! I might dream it in the future, but I would never do it in real life!)

So now this is the part where I say something like: Keep reading more books! or This is a MUST read! But I can't think of anything like that at the moment so how about a good old fashioned.........BYE!!!!

Greek Girl :P

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